Solo Plays

Solo Plays

Written and Performed by Joanna

Sexism, ageism, and cynicism: the comedy!

Joanna Interviewed by Tally Daniels

Sex & Power covers territory from evolutionary biology to Greek mythology as well as hilarious anecdotes from Rush’s career. Joanna Rush takes a cold, hard, and honest look at rape culture, toxic masculinity, the origins of sexual inequality, and ultimately inspires productive ways for both men and women to effect change. This one-woman phenomenon provides insights that will help heal today’s sorry state of sexual affairs. Rush’s creative, nontraditional outlook offers hope and a roadmap for how to propel the #MeToo movement into a healthier sexual landscape for all.

A one-woman show? Rather, Kick is a kaleidoscope of finely etched characters and a tour de force for the astonishingly talented Joanna Rush who both wrote and performs it. This is the memoir of a full life condensed to 90 minutes of laugh-out-loud misadventures. There doesn’t appear to be a trajectory except the chronological, but there is as will be made clear at the end….