Her self-written play is challenging, thought-provoking, yet subtly funny. If you have ever wondered why our culture has only recently come to take sexual assault somewhat seriously or why so many men struggle with expressing authentic emotion, Joanna’s passionate work will make you think more deeply.
A one-woman show? Rather, Kick is a kaleidoscope of finely etched characters and a tour de force for the astonishingly talented Joanna Rush who both wrote and performs it. This is the memoir of a full life condensed to 90 minutes of laugh-out-loud misadventures. There doesn’t appear to be a trajectory except the chronological, but there is as will be made clear at the end….
“Will this family be destroyed and crash and burn like the towers too?” The closer the family gets to being destroyed the more I am riveted in my seat. My second observation is that I hope you are not shortchanging yourself when you expressed that the play needed humor in the form of the standup comic. I found that there were also a great many other funny moments just in the desperation of the characters and their untenable situations. It was Chekovian funny, but really funny nonetheless.


IRISH WHISKEYCo-AuthorWinner: 1998 best feature film award at Temecula Valley International Film Festival
QUEEN OF AMERICATV MovieJulia Ward Howe and the genesis of Mother’s Day as a protest against war.