About Bob Costas

I actually wrote this during the Olympics but didn’t remember how to post until now. My brother Rich posted on Facebook that we were hysterical watching Bob Costas last night commenting on the games with Pink Eye. As Rich pointed out we’re not usually ones to laugh at other’s misfortunes (some comments disputed this) but as I was writing about it in Starbucks I was still having small fits of laughter…Oh and I love Bob Costas. First I thought he was wearing rose-colored glasses until I walked right up to the screen and examined it at close range. But it was kind of a relief to see someone doing their work – appearing before a worldwide audience right where they are.┬áSo human. I have missed moments with loved ones over a bad hair day. Well, not really – yes actually. My guess was that he had splashed his face with some of the brown Sochi water before they warned him.


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